You taught me how to be okay with unanswered questions.

They are in effect an answer on their own.


Lotus Kisses

We are two people in an empty room

Furnished with people.

Talking for hours,

That feel like mere seconds,

Feeling overwhelmingly drawn to each other.

Sharing laughter.

Our minds connecting.

He comes for a kiss.

The magic and sparkle

Walt Disney would should try and trump this story, for

The lungs require his air alone.

Wanting only those beautiful kisses

For a lifetime.

Giving into him,

Without hesitation

Every mark he makes is permanent.

Feeling locked and

Happy with the permanency.


When the kisses draw to a close,

Whilst being held securely in his arms..

Enveloped in each other

As a lotus

At the height of intimacy

He asks you with such purity..


“How come we wasted all that time talking?”


Despite the wisdom of age,

You don’t believe the true meaning of his words.






You foolish child.




Because if…

In answer to your question.

Because if you really did like me you would have made sure you spoke with me on the phone, not just by text.
And you would have called me beautiful, hot is just about sex.

Because if you really did like me you would have messaged me first, not simply responded that you were thinking of me.
And you would have not waited for me to call on you.

Because if you really did like me you
would never be okay with someone else, and me perhaps sometime, someday.
You would never let me walk away.


The Fair Tanzanian.


You broke my heart. But the thing is you didn’t break it in two. You didn’t stop it from working again. You just broke a little piece of it. And you can keep that little piece. That little piece is all you will ever have. I hope all the little pieces of others’ hearts amount to something tangible for you, someday.